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Let's clean up those binders!
I no use binders :-( I keep my cards in order by placing them in a soft sleeve, then a toploader, then a team bag (Each card individually), and then in a white card box, that allows the card to be upright. :-) and whenever I want, I take them out for viewing pleasure :-D

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Let's clean up those binders!
Ok, folks, I want to do a big clean up your Star Trek binders challenge. This is a personal thing and unrelated to RA or NSU. It is also not going to be me trying to sell anything (well except binder pages I guess) The goal of this is to make sure we've dusted our binders..looked for crimped or damaged pages. Make sure the cards are all in the right places...not laying on the D-rings. Looking for any holes in our collection. To about cards as the winds take us ;) I will also be purchasing backing boards, 1, 3, 4 and 9 pocket pages for anyone can purchase any items they need to make their binders better. Feel free to offer suggestions on how they maintain their collections. This will be an email chat group. If you want to join, please email me at (let's not clutter up the website!) and we'll get you into the group and determine how much email daily you want to receive (it has a real time option and a 'digest' option. I will be giving out participation prizes. Random cards mailed to random people as 'reward' for posting to the group, even if it's just a hi guys, I like cards ;) I'm going to go backwards..starting with the most recent set and going backwards. The first card one lucky person will get a TOS Captain's Collection Yarnell/Koenig dual auto card 6-case incentive. They won't all be that good, but we'll do what we can to make it fun :) Any questions, let me know ;) I will start Monday next week.

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