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1 DOUBLE Autograph card AND
1 SINGLE Autograph Card in Every Box!

Double Autograph Cards Include:






100-Card Base Set featuring the greatest heroes and villains from all 79 Star Trek:
The Original Series episodes, from Kirk and Spock to Khan and the Gorn!


CASE TOPPER: Heroes & Villains Plastic Case Toppers (2 cards, one per case)

3-CASE INCENTIVE: Nichelle Nichols (Uhura) Autograph/Relic Card

6-CASE INCENTIVE: Leonard Nimoy (Spock) Silver Signature Series Autograph Card

18-CASE INCENTIVE: Star Trek: The Original Series Heroes & Villains Archive Box

REWARDS CARD: T50 Roger C. Carmel as Harry Mudd Tribute Card

Product Configuration:
5 Cards Per Pack | 24 Packs Per Box | 12 Boxes Per Case

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Double Autographs
Double Autographs
Single Autograph Cards Include: