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James Bond In Motion
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Fantastic Four Archives
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Batman Archives (September 17, 2008)
Stargate Atlantis: Seasons 3 & 4 (September 24, 2008)
James Bond In Motion (October 29, 2008)
Fantastic Four Archives (November 19, 2008)
Star Trek: The Movies In Motion (December, 2008)
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Birth of a
Sketch Card
Warren Martineck Sketch
Ever wondered what goes into drawing a sketch card? Artist Warren Martineck has taken the time to share some of techniques and tricks on drawing one of his Fantastic Four sketch cards. Be sure to visit Warren's blog
"Terminus; The Life And Times Of A Sketch Card" to see how this amazingly talented artist does it.

From The President
Autograph Stickers

There's been a lot of talk recently about the use of autograph stickers, which many other card companies have been using on their products. It's a practice that's become all too common in the sports card sector, and now is starting to infiltrate the entertainment card sector. Not so at Rittenhouse. I want to assure and reassure all of our customers/collectors that here at Rittenhouse, we have no intention of using autograph stickers on any products. I firmly believe that the use of autograph stickers lessens the collectable value of any item, and that it's simply not a fair substitute for having the actual card handled and signed by the celebrity. Others may disagree, but as a collector of cards as well as owner of Rittenhouse, I find nothing appealing or interesting about the notion of having a pre-signed sticker affixed to a card.

I liken the use of these autograph stickers to a framed photo that has a 3x5 signed index card mounted next to it. It may look nice, but it's not the same -- and not as valuable -- as if the photo were signed instead of the 3x5 card. If you were to study the autograph market (not just trading cards), the value of signed photos is always worth more than a 3x5 card. The difference with these autograph stickers is that, unlike a 3x5 card, they are transparent and can be affixed directly to another item, giving that item the false appearance that the underlying item has been signed. I am not fooled by that, and I think those who have discerning tastes are not fooled either.

In the end, the choice is yours as to what to purchase and collect. But for my money as a marketer of cards and, more importantly, as a collector of cards, I want nothing to do with autograph stickers.

New Products
James Bond In Motion

This fall, Rittenhouse Archives will release James Bond In Motion Trading Cards, including a 63-Card Lenticular Base Set with 3 cards for each of the 21 classic James Bond Films -- from Dr. No through Casino Royale! Each box will also contain 2 Prop/Costume Relic Cards and 1 Autograph Card! All of the relic cards will be sequentially numbered.

Some of the signers for this visually spectacular set include:

• Honor Blackman in "Goldfinger"
• Robert Carlyle in "The World Is Not Enough"
• Denise Richards in "The World is Not Enough"
• Wayne Newton in "Licence To Kill"
• Margaret Nolan in "Goldfinger"
• Joe Don Baker in "GoldenEye"
• Priscilla Barnes in "Licence To Kill"
• Jesper Christensen in "Casino Royale"
• Patrick Bauchau in "A View To A Kill"
• Ludger Pistor in "Casino Royale"
• Serena Gordon in "GoldenEye"
• Ivana Milicevic in "Casino Royale"
Honor Blackman Autograph Card

James Bond In Motion Triple Costume Card Rittenhouse Archives is excited to once again offer collectors a chance to own an actual piece of James Bond history with some exciting all-new Prop/Costume Relic cards. This set will feature props and costumes from Casino Royale, Die Another Day, The World Is Not Enough and other classic James Bond films!!! There will be single, double, triple and quad costume cards, too!!!

For a complete list of autographers and for additional details on this exciting set, visit the James Bond In Motion Trading Card section of our website.

New Products
Fantastic Four Archives

Coming this fall is an all-new set of trading cards based on Marvel Comics first family team of Super Heroes, The Fantastic Four. This comprehensive trading card collection will cover all of the key storylines from the Fantastic Four books starting with issue #1 from 1961 all the way to #561 from 2008!

Each box of this set will feature 1 Hand-drawn and Colored Sketch Card from over 60 different artists including Joe Sinnott, Andy Price, Daryl Banks, Felipe Massafera, Gabe Hernandez, John Watkins-Chow, Katie Cook, Lui Antonio, Ray Dillon, Ryan Orosco, Tone Rodriguez, Tony Perna, Warren Martineck and many more!
Fantastic Four Archives
Fantastic Four Archives As a SUPER ADDED BONUS, look for hand-drawn sketch cards from industry legends as well as today's top comic book artists, including John Romita Sr., Karl Kessel, Jim Valentino, Keith Champagne, Joe Quesada, Jeff Paker, Andy Kuhn, Randy Emberlin and others. These B&W sketch cards will be randomly inserted as added bonus cards, in addition to the color sketch cards that are guaranteed one per box. There are will be very limited quantities of these B&W sketches, which are sure to be highly sought-after by collectors.

For a complete list of sketch artists and for additional details on this exciting set, visit the Fantastic Four Archives Trading Card section of our website.

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