SyFy Entertainment News

Alleged comic book thief caught trying to sell rare Spidey, X-Men issues
Small town horror will make your skin crawl in full trailer for SYFY's Ghost Wars
Watchmen TV series gets official pilot order from HBO
The Predator will be stalking suburbia, could be even better than a jungle
Gal Gadot in talks for supernatural deep-sea drama Deeper with Bradley Cooper
Ron Howard tweets biggest Han Solo movie hint yet
It sounds like The Good Place season 2 can better be described as version 2
Sean Penn to be one of The First on Mars for Beau Willimon's new Hulu series
Watch: Taron Egerton on Elton John's Kingsman: The Golden Circle cameo and his Rocket Man casting
Watch: Kingsman: The Golden Circle's Colin Firth and Jeff Bridges on carousing in the early days
DC is appropriately dropping Doomsday Clock #1 at three minutes to midnight
Could Jessica Chastain join IT: Chapter 2?
X-Men spinoff New Mutants will be Breakfast Club meets The Cuckoo's Nest
Harley Quinn for Mayor and other comic book politicians
This is what it's like to live in a NASA Mars isolation experiment
Daniel Dae Kim and Ed Skrein are now Hellboy homeboys following casting controversy
A Chilling Adventures of Sabrina TV show is in the works at The CW
IT floats to the highest grossing horror spot, dethroning The Exorcist
Objects in Space 9/20: Wrapped in plastic
Artist Aaron Lopresti on his savage new Wonder Woman/Conan series
WATCH: Kingsman stars on doing their own stunts and paying the price
Game of Thrones has a fifth potential prequel in development at HBO
Anna and the Apocalypse is a zombie Christmas musical miracle
Rumor of the Day: A familiar Star Wars figure may show up in the Han Solo movie (possible spoiler)
The Walking Dead’s All Out War with Negan will end in Season 8
WATCH: The 25 greatest SYFY movie monsters (Piranhaconda, anyone?)
WATCH: Kingsman cast can't wait for third film, say plot will be 'crazy'
This Pennywise cake is deliciously terrifying and we want to devour it right now
Fox's sci-fi comedy Ghosted to premiere on Twitter ahead of network broadcast
The first Star Trek: Discovery reactions are promising
Zack Snyder seems to be stepping away from the DCEU, at least for now
Alicia Vikander on the legacy of Lara Croft in behind-the-scenes look at Tomb Raider
Netflix unleashes new trailer teasing the origin of The Punisher
WATCH: Star Trek: Discovery: 12 Do's and Don'ts
LEGO Ninjago has a long and storied history you definitely didn't know about
The game finds a way in the second trailer for Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
Outlander: Lord John Grey sets eyes on Jamie in pivotal Season 3 sneak peek
WATCH: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: What if Kai Opaka had returned?
Fox's The Exorcist unveils an unholy first look at Season 2
American Horror Story: Cult Episode 3 gives new meaning to the term 'Neighbors From Hell'
Linda Hamilton primed to return for new Terminator trilogy
25 fantasy worlds from the past 25 years we'd want to visit
EXCLUSIVE: Titan unveils new line of Doctor Who, Preacher, and Game of Thrones vinyls
Why we have no power over hurricanes from space
Emilia Clarke gears up for Game of Thrones' tumultuous Season 8
Tessa Thompson drops Westworld clue as to who will rule next season
Sci-fi and sci-fact meet in Science and Star Wars as new web series debuts
Thor: Ragnarok's Taika Waititi reportedly in negotiations to helm Akira
Black Siren gets even more malicious in our exclusive Arrow Season 5 deleted scene
25 people we really miss
Zack Snyder unveils new, iPhone-shot short film
Will the Earth be destroyed this Saturday? Hint: No.
Damon Lindelof gets to work on HBO’s Watchmen TV series
Chosen One of the Day: Laurie Strode's Best Friends from 'Halloween'
Wonder Woman Honest Trailer can't find much to make fun of
22 Star Wars: The Last Jedi high-resolution stills released
Original Colossus actor returning for X-Men: Dark Phoenix... but as who?
Preview Dynamite's new 500-page Vampirella Masters Series Omnibus edition
WATCH: Bruce Timm's favorite episodes of Batman: The Animated Series
Kingsman: The Golden Circle left more than an hour of action on the cutting room floor
Lifelong fans fight to build in the shadow of Comic-Con giants
Original pitch for X-Men: First Class sequel featured young Wolverine
The Flash Season 4 trailer + pics show a damaged, bearded Barry
New pics from SYFY's upcoming series HAPPY! look suitably batty
Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite launch trailer assembles the team
Where true geeks dare: William Shakespeare’s The Force Doth Awaken first excerpt
The Walking Dead Season 8 new key art teases All Out War
Superman The Movie extended edition will be soaring onto DVD — all three hours of it
Blade Runner 2049 gets a limited edition whisky release from Johnnie Walker
Artist transforms Cabbage Patch Kids doll into Pennywise
Mario can’t move on from topless scandal as fans mod his nipples into Super Smash Bros.
Make it Funko now: Classic Tron figures get glow-in-the-dark Pop! line
The inside story of how Mark Hamill got his own street in San Diego
Watch: Battlestar Galactica cast: Where are they now?
Bruce Wayne gears up in extended Gotham Season 4 trailer
This is what Obi-Wan would probably look like in a post-prequels Star Wars film
The first epic Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 4 trailer is here
Watch: Brian Michael Bendis on The Defenders and his man crush on Luke Cage
Watch: Gotham: Seasons 1-3 In 2 minutes
How a short story and a strange acid trip inspired Blade Runner 2049
Did Mark Hamill reveal when The Last Jedi trailer will drop?
Tremors rounds out cast around Kevin Bacon for new SYFY series
Star Trek: Discovery reveals first 4 episode titles, here's what we think they mean
The story behind #DrawingWhileBlack, Twitter's showcase of amazing black talent
Zazie Beetz gives a tearful account of her Deadpool 2 stunt double's death
Thor: Ragnarok scores a radical '80s-style trailer makeover
Exclusive: The Osiris Child races through a desert dystopia in this action-packed sneak peek
New Comics for the week of September 20, 2017
Michael Bay's Time Salvager movie finally moving towards dystopian future
Judi Dench in talks to fly into Kenneth Branagh’s Artemis Fowl movie adaptation
Even Stephen King was terrified by this scene in IT
These IT Easter eggs unearth dark secrets lurking in the sequel
The 25 greatest movie quotes of the past 25 years
Kingsman: The Golden Circle review roundup: 'Over-the-top' sequel is far from golden
Classic Dan Simmons horror novel getting feature film treatment
Quantum Jack comics team explore the many dimensions of Samurai Jack
Target teams up with Universal Studios for new Monsterville Halloween collection
Journey to the mineral world of Crait in new Star Wars: The Last Jedi prequel comic
MTV’s Scream confirms original Ghostface for Season 3 reboot
Arya and Brienne square off in new Game of Thrones BTS featurettes